What is an American?


America works!

Maybe because those many nationality, who lives there have agreed in one common thing. In one vision, in what they believe together. This vision has many names, they call it freedom, the dream of the Founding Fathers, they call it to Constitution, but most often they call it America. America will stay to America for us and for everyone who believes in the American dream.

“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” – this what the Declaration of Independence proclaims to everyone, this is where the American dream is rooted from.

An American is not distinguished by ethnics or religion, an American is a proud citizen of the States, and proud to live in freedom and liberty. Freedom make us happier and better.

An American is proud to be American, however they live their life – Deal with it! America was created by Americans, America is successful, makes you successful if you want it! America is for those people, who want to be successful! This is why I am proud that I american!